The story starts about 32 years ago. Roger was in a duo called “Late For Dinner“ and Christy was in a duo called “Gemini“. They played some of the same clubs around the Seattle, WA. area at that time, each in their own musical group. It so happened that both of them had seen one another perform and thought in their own minds that it would be fun to play together, but never spoke of it.

Ten years later, life had created changes in both their lives and they were each doing a single act. Roger was looking for another partner to team up with. He had previously been performing with a girl named Kathy Childers, for about a year, as the duo “Black Velvet“. Kathy had an opportunity to join the band City Zu, which she had wanted to do for a long time, so Roger continued on as a solo act, as he started to look for another partner. In came Christy.

Roger and Christy were both using a booking agent in common. One day Roger mentioned to the agent that he was looking for another partner to perform with. The agent told him that Christy from “Gemini“ was doing a solo act and maybe she would be interested in teaming up. Roger called Christy, they got together to play and it felt right. They started rehearsing and within a short period of time, were performing together as “Black Velvet” and have been teamed up ever since.

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